Five Writing Websites For College Students

There are a variety of writing websites to help students in college in their writing. Some of these websites offer free services, while some offer paid-for services. For instance, Google Docs is a open-source writing software which allows several students to collaborate on the same document. The tool automatically saves any changes so you don’t have to be concerned about losing any documents. The work with family and friends as well as your professors.


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Writing an essay is a common academic task A writing site will help students complete accomplished without having to stress of writing an inauthentic or badly written piece. With all the professors and instructors who assign essay papers, it’s no surprise that students have to spend longer writing similar essays. While most writing websites require an upfront fee, WriteMyEssay prefers to form relationships with their clients based on the trust of their customers. The homepage of the site is simple to navigate, and includes a price calculator.

WriteMyEssay offers proofreading and editing services. The cost for these services is affordable with a cost of $9 for each page (although this may increase as deadlines get closer) the cost is affordable. Furthermore, the program offers unlimited revisions which can be very beneficial when deadlines are tight.

One of the greatest features of WriteMyEssay is the ability pick your preferred writer. Many professional writers are that are available to work with you on any type of paper. They’ll be able write your essay about any subject, and charge a reasonable fee.


SpeedyPaper can assist you if the essay or dissertation you’re writing does not seem to be working. SpeedyPaper’s team of professional writers have a wealth of analytical expertise and experience that allows them to handle nearly any subject. They’re also aware of particular styles and requirements for writing for colleges and universities. SpeedyPaper ensures security and security. It offers 100% privacy assurance, which means that no one else can see the information you provide.

SpeedyPaper provides editing and proofreading services. They’ll look for imperfections and aid you to improve the flow of your sentences language, tone, and vocabulary. They also address citation and reference problems. Trouble-solving is another solution offered by SpeedyPaper, and their writers can help you come out with a plan and identify possible solutions and evaluate the connection between factors.

SpeedyPaper is known for fast service and high-quality writing. SpeedyPaper hires qualified academic professionals to make original and unique essays. SpeedyPaper offers high client satisfaction ratingsand writers reviews with positive feedback from past customers.


Coggle is a writing website that helps college students create mind maps as well as brainstorm thoughts. It’s user-friendly and comes with a simple interface. There are also collaboration tools that make it easy for students to draw inspiration from their peers. The website also lets users upload images, links, as well as text.

Users can also interact with peers using the website to create mind maps. Mind maps are stored in the cloud, which means they are accessible on all devices. They can be edited by users without running out of space. This is an excellent option to spark thoughts. Coggle’s free version Coggle can create three personal mind maps but you can also pay for unlimited access. The paid version also includes more shapes as well as additional design options.

Coggle’s concept mapping feature is an additional cool function. Coggle lets you work with colleagues to create mindmaps. Additionally, it lets users modify multiple branches in one go. The changes are automatically saved. Users can include pictures, hyperlinks and icons. They can also cross-link their documents to other items in the mind map.


NaNoWriMo is a writing contest which focuses on the creation of one novel in a single month. The annual event for writing has grown to be an extremely popular event for writers. Sometimes, it is referred to „the biggest writing competition anywhere in the world”. Writing 50,000 words per month can be a daunting task for students. They may be busy and have a difficult time writing. There are a variety of writing sites for college students to help them succeed.

There are many different ways you can participate in NaNoWriMo. Register online is the first. After you have registered online, it is now possible begin writing. There’s even the option of posting an excerpt or synopsis to the site. Discover similar NaNoWriMo participants, share the progress you’ve made in writing, and network with other writers. There is a deadline of November 30 to finish your project.

Other methods to be involved in NaNoWriMo is to meet with other writers in your area. Many websites offer writing courses. NaNoWriMo also hosts „Come Write With Us” nationwide events. These are events designed for writers to be encouraged to write with others.


StoryJumper encourages students and teachers to create stories, and later, narrate them in an artistic environment. The website was created to foster collaboration among students and to help them improve their writing abilities. The website provides teachers with the opportunity to evaluate their students’ work as well as encourage collaborative. Though it does have a steep learning process, StoryJumper is very engaging and inspiring.

Teachers may create classes with StoryJumper, and assign their students to them. Teachers will find templates to use to use in their classes as well as seek advice from other teachers. The website allows teachers to choose „lead” teachers. StoryJumper also offers a „write-athon” programme for schools to use as fundraisers that teachers may benefit from. Parents and their friends are able to contribute to their students’ tales and also receive the story’s author’s signature.

In addition to creating Storybooks, Storyjumper allows users to incorporate text, images, and props. You can upload images from your computer, or search for them online. Storyjumper can also allow users to let users voice their own stories. This feature is accessible through the „Add Voice” tab.


Students will save time when they utilize Trello to help them organize their assignments. Trello allows you to arrange your activities and is completely free. In addition, it comes with several features cannot be found in other platforms.

Trello is also a fantastic tool to collaborate with fellow students. It helps you keep the track of deadlines as well as assigning responsibilities for the assignments. It lets you easily organize lists, insert media, and designate deadline dates. This makes it simple to monitor progress from an extended distance. It is a great option for teachers as well as students who want to be organized and avoid procrastination.

Trello lets you interact with students with the sharing of documents and notes. Also, you can discuss ideas, collaborate with the team and also add items as well as checklists. Also, you can sync your calendar to Trello, making it easier for you to track deadlines. The app also includes iOS and Android apps.

Making use of Trello for planning projects can be a fantastic option to manage your work. The tool for managing projects allows you to set up Kanban boards that show those who are involved in which projects. The tool is completely free and is a great way to organize your work. There are many other uses for this multi-purpose tool like classroom management, lesson planning.

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